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An Introvert’s Guide To Mastering A Job Interview

It’s safe to say that, for most introverts, a job interview can be one of the scarier things they’ll face in life. Sitting in front of a potential employer attempting to sell him or herself as the best candidate for the job, while, simultaneously, wanting to be back in bed under a blanket. Can we say a high stress situation?!

The good news is that even the most painfully shy person can land a good job and excel at it. So, to prevent a fresh shirt from being blotched with sweat just minutes before meeting a maybe-new-boss, take a peek at our interviewing tips for those who are silent wallflowers.

Practice For Common Interview Questions

No matter where you’re hoping to land a job, almost all employers ask the same handful of questions to get to know you and see if you’re a good fit to move onto next steps. If you’re too shy to practice with someone, sit in front of the mirror and answer the following questions about yourself:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • What drew you to this position/line of work?
  • What is it about this company that you find attractive for employment?
  • What is your current career goal?
  • What are your interests outside the workplace?
  • What is your greatest strength?
  • What is your greatest weakness?

Know The Job You’re Actually Applying For

Before going in to any job interview, it’s a good idea to understand the job description forwards and back. Not only does it give you a good opportunity to relate your personal life interests, experience and skills to the job requirements, but it alleviates the pressure of being put on the spot during the interview if asked about an experience that corresponds to the kind of responsibilities the job will demand.

For example, if the job requires “multi-tasking” you can tell the interviewer about the time in college when you were able to plan a career fair mixer that included the invite list, refreshments and advertising of the event. Not only will you feel totally prepared for whatever the interviewer has to throw at you, but you’ll realize how much you’ve already done, leaving you feeling confident you could do the job in your sleep.

Prepare Questions For The Interviewer

Even if you don’t have any questions at the end of the interview, it’s never a good look to say, “no” when the person interviewing asks if you have any questions. It’s totally OK to have a short list written out before you go in, but be flexible and be ready to ask things that aren’t on your list. Allow the direction of the interview dictate how you ask things. A few solid staples that can give you insight to the company and your potential boss:

  • What has been the most rewarding thing about working here, and if you could change one thing about the company, what would it be?
  • What is the company’s performance review and advancement?
  • Which role responsibilities would you like prioritized?
  • How will success in this role be measured?

Be Yourself

At the end of the job interview, you’ll either move on to next steps or be given a polite, “We’ll be in touch.” Regardless of the outcome, stay true to whom you are and avoid putting up a painfully obvious front to try and impress the interviewer. Relax and be yourself! Even if you’re on the shy side, the right employer will see your value and extend an offer.

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