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The Richest People In Every State Serve As Inspiration

Ever wonder who the richest people in your state are? Well, today’s your lucky day, because the list of extremely wealthy people has been released. Some of the names are easily recognized — like Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Phil Knight (Nike) — while others might not be as well-known or even billionaires. So, who are the richest people in each state in America? Scroll down to see who sits atop your state along with the industry that helped them make their fortunes (in parentheses).

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Alabama: Jimmy Rane – $950 million (lumber)

Alaska: Leonard Hyde, Jonathan Rubini and families – $310 million each (real estate)

Arizona: Mark Shoen – $3 billion (U-Haul)

Arkansas: Jim Walton – $40.3 billion (Wal-mart)

California: Mark Zuckerberg – $74 billion (Facebook)

Colorado: Philip Anschutz – $12.7 billion (investments)

Connecticut: Ray Dalio – $17.4 billion (hedge funds)

Delaware: Robert Gore and Elizabeth Snyder – $750 million each (Gore-tex)

Florida: Thomas Peterffy – $25.7 billion (discount brokerage)

Georgia: Jim Kennedy – $9 billion (media)

Hawaii: Pierre Omidyar – $10.6 billion (Ebay)

Idaho: Frank Vandersloot – $3.4 billion (nutrition and wellness products)

Illinois: Ken Griffin – $9 billion (hedge funds)

Indiana: Carl Cook – $8.2 billion (medical devices)

Iowa: Harry Stine – $3.2 billion (agriculture)

Kansas: Charles Koch – $51.5 billion (Koch Industries)

Kentucky: B. Wayne Hughes – $2.7 billion (self storage)

Louisiana: Gayle Benson – $2.7 billion (New Orleans Saints)

Maine: Susan Alfond – $1.6 billion (shoes)

Maryland: Ted Lerner and family – $5.1 billion (real estate)

Massachusetts: Abigail Johnson – $16.9 billion (money management)

Michigan: Dan Gilbert – $6.3 billion (Quicken Loans)

Minnesota: Glen Taylor – $2.8 billion (printing)

Mississippi: James and Thomas Duff – $1.2 billion (diversified)

Missouri: Pauline MacMillan Keinath – $7.2 billion (Cargill)

Montana: Dennis Washington – $5.9 billion (construction, mining)

Nebraska: Warren Buffett – $85 billion (Berkshire Hathaway)

Nevada: Sheldon Adelson – $42.8 billion (casinos)

New Hampshire: Andrea Reimann-Ciardelli – $1.1 billion (consumer goods)

New Jersey: John Overdeck – $5.5 billion (hedge funds)

New Mexico: Mark C. Chase – $700 million (oil)

New York: David Koch – $51.5 billion (Koch Industries)

North Carolina: James Goodnight – $9.9 billion (software)

North Dakota: Gary Tharaldson – $900 million (hotels)

Ohio: Les Wexner and family – $5.4 billion (retail)

Oklahoma: Harold Hamm and family – $19.5 billion (oil and gas)

Oregon: Phil Knight and family – $30.7 billion (Nike)

Pennsylvania: Victoria Mars – $6 billion (candy, pet food)

Rhode Island: Jonathan Nelson – $1.8 billion (private equity)

South Carolina: Anita Zucker – $2.5 billion (chemicals)

South Dakota: T. Denny Sanford – $2.5 billion (banking, credit cards)

Tennessee: Thomas Frist Jr. and family – $9.7 billion (hospitals)

Texas: Alice Walton – $40 billion (Wal-mart)

Utah: Gail Miller – $1.4 billion (Utah Jazz, car dealers)

Vermont: John Abele – $630 million (healthcare)

Virginia: Jacqueline Mars – $23.8 billion (candy, pet food)

Washington: Jeff Bezos – $132 billion (Amazon)

West Virginia: Jim Justice II – $1.9 billion (coal)

Wisconsin: John Menard Jr. – $10.5 billion (home improvement stores)

Wyoming: John Mars – $23.8 billion (candy, pet food)

Now that you know who the richest people in each state are, use them as inspiration to finally take the plunge on that idea you have. Just think, it could be a billion-dollar business that lands you on this list sometime in the future.

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