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DIY Home Decorating On A Dime

DIY decorating can be fun, but, as we all know, it can be super expensive — especially when you don’t know what you’re doing or haven’t established a personal budget for your project. But, when you have some discipline and take your time to both explore options and manage expectations, it can lead to some awesome results.

As much as you’d like your place to be the sanctuary of your dreams, you might only have a teeny tiny budget that seems near impossible to make a real impact. Well, we’re here to tell you that’s just not true, and, with a few handy dandy DIY decorating tips and tricks, your home life is about to get its own budget friendly Feng Shui.

Switch Out Lampshades And Light Bulbs

Lighting is so important when it comes to creating a cozy and comfortable vibe, and if your lamps are emitting harsh light under a boring lampshade, you’re not getting any closer to the warmth your home is craving. Buying a brand new lamp is expensive and, oftentimes, seems to be unnecessary. Do yourself a favor and keep the base, but shop around for a new shade and a bulb that will give off a warmer light. The change in your environment will be instant, and the updated decorating will make you feel much more at home.

Buy New Covers For Throw Pillows

Speaking of cost efficient changes that pack a punch, go ahead and give your tired throw pillows new life by investing in new covers. When re-decorating, this is a great opportunity to balance your color scheme and give your home a breath of fresh air. The best part is you can swap them out to whatever fits your mood or the season, which can help your attitude, too. Check out stores like IKEA, Anthropologie, CB3 and Urban Outfitters for fun prints and soothing colors that will give your furniture a rejuvenated look.

Minimize The Knick Knacks

Another great trick to DIY decorating is to minimize what you have on display. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you get rid of all your keepsakes, just be more selective on what you show off. Clear your table and countertops, and choose two to three things to keep out instead of a bunch of random stuff. The best items are those that have a little weight to them so they can’t be easily knocked over. The rest of your treasures can go in a box until you’re ready to rotate out so things don’t just sit and gather dust. Just remember to stick to the rule of only a few knick knacks at a time to prevent the clutter bug from creeping back into your life.

Invest In A Few Plants

Nothing makes a living space feel more homey than a little greenery. Plants add life and color, but they also show that you’re capable of caring for another living thing. Just be sure that you seek advice from a professional about recommendations before purchasing, as they can suggest the best home plants that won’t die if not monitored closely. With a little education and research, you can find that perfect foliage to kick up the cool factor of your personal space.

Don’t Forget The Details

We definitely don’t want your home being a cluttered mess, but it is important to add a few accents to elevate your living space to next level cool. Details that make difference while DIY decorating include, but are not limited to:

  • Nice soap and hand towel for your bathroom
  • Tea light candles
  • Coffee table books
  • A well curated collection of magnets for your fridge
  • Framed photos and art for your walls

Now go get creative and have some fun. After all, this is your home we’re talking about, and you want it to become your personal sanctuary, while also showing some of your unique character.

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