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Can Marijuana Really Boost Your Productivity?

There are a lot of perceptions, both real and fake, about marijuana. We all have that image in our mind of the lazy stoner that would rather spend their day playing video games and eating Cheetos than work on a presentation. While that’s not too far from the truth for some, there are plenty of people (especially those with medical needs) who claim that smoking pot improves their focus and helps them get work done.

So, does marijuana increase productivity? While that might seem like a pipe dream for many (pun intended), there’s actually some evidence, science and hearsay to back it up.

Marijuana May Help You Focus

Do you ever find yourself falling into the trap of hyper-focusing on a single task, which only leads to work stress and frustration? This can be counterproductive if you have multiple things to cross off your to-do list.

Certain strains of cannabis can help you stay focused and enjoy a productive afternoon. While there is still a lack of scientific research to back the idea up, many smokers swear by sativas and hybrids to deliver a sense of euphoria that leaves them feeling energetic, creative and driven. Other smokers look for indicas that help slow their brain down, de-stress and shake off distractions so that they can zero-in on a task. Think cleaning your house, writing an essay or editing a design project.

Just remember to take marijuana in small doses — as with most things in life, too much of a dose can backfire.

Staves Off Anxiety

Anyone that has ever dealt with an anxiety attack or have too many things to do in one day knows how paralyzing and overwhelming this type of stress can be. For many, taking a dose of THC or CBD can help them mellow out and clear their brain, which helps them focus on the task at hand.

It Boosts Creativity

From Salvador Dali to William Shakespeare, plenty of famous creative types have been known to smoke marijuana on the regular. Depending on your industry, lighting up can help inspire a creative spark. A 2011 study found that cannabis produces psychotomimetic symptoms that can help people connect seemingly unrelated concepts.

This form of divergent thinking can give way to creative thinking, helping you develop new ideas. For those that suffer from writer’s block or need some inspiration for a lackluster project, marijuana might be able to help you think outside of the box.

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