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How To Make An Impression And Set Yourself Apart At The Office

Knowing how to make an impression on someone is a skill that’s tough to master, as it takes authenticity to leave someone remembering who you are. Setting yourself apart from others isn’t easy, but, when you’re being yourself and keep things simple, it typically resonates with the person or people you’re engaging with.

When it comes to your job, discovering how to make an impression that’s both positive and memorable is tricky. You have to walk several fine lines without overstepping too far. You want to come off as motivated and determined, but refrain from coming across as pushy and rushed. You’ll also want to be confident and excited to share ideas without seeming like you’re too good for the position or uninterested in current plans and projects. It’s as tough as it sounds, and when you throw in managers — who are all very different — it becomes a touch overwhelming. On top of this, you’ll want to avoid starting turmoil with your coworkers.

We can’t deny that it’s a competition, even if your friends with your colleagues, but there’s a way to go about standing out that won’t create tension; and we have some tips on doing it the right way.

Always Be One Step Ahead

Is a project due Friday? Have it done Thursday. Are you just editing the articles assigned? Ask to lend a hand and help edit more. Do everything you can to be one step ahead of your work and your boss. This quick-on-your feet type of thinking stands out in the minds of higher-ups. It’s not every day that they find someone who is running at the same pace, if not a bit faster. Staying on top of your priorities shows that you take initiative and don’t need hand-holding. When you walk into a meeting and your manager asks how an assignment is going, nothing will make an impression better than saying you’re finished and already on to the next one.

Bring Your Ideas To The Table

No matter what position you hold, your ideas are valued — or should be. If they’re not, you deserve to be working for a better boss and company. In most cases, sharing your thoughts, opinions and concepts is appreciated. It means that you’re confident, well-versed and introspective when you come with ideas that can help a business grow. When it comes to learning how to make an impression, this is one of the simplest things you can do. It will also help you slash any nerves you might get before presenting in meetings or doing public speaking, as well as help boost your leadership skills. Just be sure that you’re allowing others to speak. Your boss will not only notice when you bring something to the table, but he or she will notice when you consistently do so as well.

Stay Sharp And Organized

There’s no faster way to fall to the back of your manager’s mind than zoning out and being lackadaisical. Doing this puts you at risk for one of your colleagues to make a better impression, or, worst case scenario, leading to a job loss for you. This doesn’t mean you have to be flawless in everything you do, or be thinking five months in advance, though. Simply keeping up with your work, remembering deadlines and other important dates, and staying caught up with what’s happening in the company will put you in a position to thrive. These skills will help set you apart from your coworkers, both good, bad and average. When your boss thinks of an assignment or promotion, you’ll be at the top of mind.

Communicate Clearly And Effectively

It’s arguable that poor communication is at the root of nearly any problem we have with someone else. If your intent is different from what words you use, or how someone interprets those words, it’s not going to be a pretty result. Focus on how you talk. In order to figure out how to make an impression, you’ll need to figure out how to be eloquent and intentional with your words and writing. Whether it’s taking a class or taking time to diligently practice your skills, find a way that works best for you to clean up your verbal and written skills. Although these skills are vital in certain industries, the ability to communicate in a smart, concise manner will be admired and noticed.

Voice Your Goals

A big mistake many people make, especially younger people, is not discussing personal goals with a boss. Some assume that, in doing so, they’re coming off as ungrateful or too focused on next steps than the actual job at hand. This is far from the truth. Even if your dream job is at a different company, sharing what you’re striving for shows that ambition, self-motivation, and dedication. Set up meetings with your boss each month to discuss goals and present what you’ve already achieved. Your hard work doesn’t have to go unnoticed.

Don’t Lose Sleep Over Work

When you’re working your butt off to make an impression and stand out, it can be hard to remember that you don’t have to do it all in one week. Be consistent with your work ethic and efficiency, but take a break when necessary, because making an impression is only effective when it’s organic and unforced, remember? When you’re in your best mindset, you’ll be able to give your career everything you’ve got. When your head is in a fog and you’re feeling stressed or down, your performance will reflect it. Definitely don’t underestimate the power of rest, work-life balance and the influence it has on your success.

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