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Things That Are Cheaper At The End Of The Summer

OK, so you’ve been spending like crazy over the past few months, taking vacations and weekend trips to enjoy the nice weather. But, now that the season’s about to change, it’s time to look for some summer savings to prep yourself for the fall, winter and, believe it or not, even next summer. That’s right, for those who are smart about their money, shopping sales racks can lead to some items at stores that are looking to get rid of inventory.

If you want to get more for your money, or buy many of the things you want and need for half the price or less, one trick is to shop seasonally. Retailers know that people who wait until they need something will pay more. They also know that if they clear unsold items rather than store them for months, they can use that money to buy new inventory to make profits.

Now that the end of summer is on us and people are getting ready for school and going back indoors, you can pick up some great bargains on dozens of items you need or want, it’s just a matter of knowing what summer savings are out there to be had. That’s why we’ve got some suggestions on items to look for.

Summer Clothing

What will you need to wear next summer? Shorts, flip flops, bathing suits, casual short-sleeve shirts and blouses, sundresses, caps, tees? It’s all going on sale now. Some items will be up to 70 percent off. Take a look at what’s at the top of your dresser drawers right now, what you’ve worn this week and what you’re going to wear this weekend. Can you wear the same items next summer, or will you want new items? Don’t just impulse buy when you get to a clothing store — have a list to make sure you get what you need; and go get it for cheap.

Winter Clothing

Winter’s coming, but not for a few months still. That means you still have time to look for deals on last year’s winter items like scarves, sweatshirts, knit caps, gloves, mittens, boots and winter coats. Prices on winter clothing will be going up soon, so get a head start, spend less and get more of what you’ll need to survive the cold.

Outdoor Furniture

No one’s buying deck chairs, chaise lounges, patio tables, umbrellas or other outdoor furniture after Labor Day. Next spring, when temperatures get warmer and the sun is out, everyone rushes to their local home and garden store and eagerly clean out retailer stocks. Take a look at your outdoor spaces and decide if you have everything you need, what can be cleaned and what needs to be replaced. Places like Wayfair and Overstock are good spots to look at first.


Whether you BBQ with gas, grill with charcoal or smoke with wood during tailgating season, their’s a cooking device with your name on it for half price or less this fall. Not only do grills not sell during the fall and winter, they take up loads of room at retailers. Don’t just shop for grills at one location — go online and check out your options at a variety of stores (even supermarkets) for the best deals. Don’t forget to get cooking utensils, coolers, charcoal and lighter fluid while you’re at it.

Yard Tools

Some yard tools, like rakes and leaf blowers, are still in demand during the fall months, but others go on sale after Labor Day. Check out lawnmowers, ladders, hedge trimmers, weed whackers, edgers, tree limb clippers, sprinkler systems, hoses and other landscaping items. Walk your yard. How does it look? Would it look nicer if you had a specific tool or two? Now’s the time to buy items that will make sure your home has curb appeal starting next spring, all thanks to some end of summer savings.

Office Items

If you have a home office or own a small business, now’s the time to buy office furniture. Many new furniture models come out in August, so retailers need to make room for the updated designs. While you’re there, look for deals on printers, toner, filing systems, chair mats, lamps and other items. Those things aren’t cheap, but you can bulk buy to save lots of money.

Back-To-School Electronics

You don’t have to be a kid to take advantage of back-to-school prices for computers, phones, cameras, calculators and other electronics. Just type “back to school” into Google and you should find loads of summer savings on all that new tech stuff.

Pool Items

Most municipal and community pools close after Labor Day. That’s a good time to assess what you’ll need for your pool next spring. Think about deck chairs, safety items, chemicals, floats, toys and anything else you’ve used for swimming and splashing this summer. Plus, it’ll be refreshing to open up new items once summer returns next year.


The busiest times for vacations are Easter/spring break, winter holidays and summer trips. Cheap travel is more prominent during the fall, though, with discounts on things like hotels, AirBnb and flights. Look for the many fall festivals offered around the country, as well as leaf watching vacations in the northeast.

Sales Tax-Free Days

Depending on what state you live in, you might be able to buy back-to-school items without paying sales tax during a specific weekend, week or month. State legislatures do this to help parents who have to drop hundreds or thousands of dollars on their children’s school needs. If you’re thinking of buying a big-ticket item, like a computer, check to see if your state has a tax-free window to take advantage of last-minute summer savings.

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