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7 Online Classes That Will Help Improve Your Career And Your Resume

The best career help comes in all kinds of ways. Advice from your boss, reading a book, working through a tough situation and referring back to what you learned in college all comes in handy. In this day and age, there is a lot of pressure to continue learning and push yourself to gain more skills. While you could go back to school for another degree, there’s a much cheaper, less stressful option: take an online class. This isn’t the same thing as the course you signed up for in college because it was easy (and hey you could sleep in). These ones will offer career help that can better your resume, help you in your current position, give important technical skills and improve your job search. Even better, there are usually no textbooks necessary.

Most of these online education companies have you pay to take these courses, but a couple hundred dollars towards a class is an investment that will pay itself off quickly. There are plenty of options that are offered for free or at a discounted price that can be equally as helpful. Either way, you’ll benefit in the long run. We’ve rounded up seven classes that teach you skills and lessons that won’t become outdated over time.

Impress Potential Employers With A Resume-Building Class

Updating your resume can feel frustrating. Everyone has a different opinion on if you should include references, list your skills, add a photo or use color. The debates never end, so taking a class that gives you constructive feedback that you can use fully or partially is a good idea. Your resume is literally the first impression an employer gets of you, so you might as well make it a damn good one. Resume Writing 101 is one of many great options to get your CV/CL game on point.

Get Your Thoughts Out Successfully With A Effective Communication Class

Talking is one thing, but a lot of us never consider the skill of communicating through writing, presentations and design. This class from Coursera has your back so you can get your point across in every possible way. We all know how texting and social media have diminished our abilities to be a people person, and a course like this will rebuild that #realtalk.

Think Up Ingenious Ideas With A Creativity And Entrepreneurship Class

When it comes to entrepreneurship, there’s a huge emphasis on the analytical, managerial, and business skills you have to have to run your own company. Yes, those are incredibly essential, but creativity plays just as much of an important role. How can you design a logo, set yourself apart from competition, be visually appealing and dream up new ideas and products without creativity? You definitely need it, and this course definitely can teach it.

Get Your #Aesthetic Game On With A Web Design Class

Web design is an insanely valuable and much sought after skill. Not only is it really fun, but it’s vital to getting a brand’s voice, message and style across. now hosts their classes on LinkedIn learning, and the web design ones offered are not something you want to miss out on — also you get a free month trial of classes, whoop whoop!

Make A Name For Yourself With A Building Your Personal Brand Class

It seems like the only thing anyone talks about anymore is branding yourself. Want a job? Build your brand. Want to promote your work? Build your brand. Have a really cute cat who could be Insta-famous? Build. Your. Brand. Everything is visual these days, so a class on creating something that basically screams your personality is a fab way to go. There’s only one you, so you might as well look good. This class is also super cheap… like, two Starbucks’ lattes cheap.

Make It To The C-Suite With A CEO Training Class

That’s right, you can start training now to be a CEO. So what if you’re an intern? You’re destined for greatness in all your coffee running glory. This class from edX will teach you the strategies you need to be a successful CEO, and what it takes to fulfill this kind of position. Even if the C-suite isn’t the end goal, it’s great for anyone who wants to become a better leader or who has to manage people on a daily basis.

Master The Art Of Multitasking With A Productivity Improvement Class

There’s no better way to beat out the people competing against you for a promotion than being more productive. There are a lot of things taken into account of course, but this class is the career help you never knew you needed. Once you boost your ability to get things done quickly, efficiently and in a high quality manner, you’ll be surprised how quickly you start climbing that ladder to the top. A productivity class like this one is undoubtedly beneficial, and, hey, it’ll probably help you out in all aspects of life. Why yes I can play Fortnite, do the dishes, apply for jobs, and get eight hours of sleep in one evening thank you very much.

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