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Calling Recent Grads: These Are The Highest-Paying Entry-Level Jobs

We all want one of those highest-paying jobs the minute we accept our college degree, but, the fact of the matter is, for those lacking experience, the opportunities just aren’t available. Sure, we’d like to think that we’re smart enough to be someone’s manager, but if you’re just entering the workforce as a college graduate, get ready for a long road of constant job searches and application submissions.

With many recent graduates set to payback their education through student loans payments — with a whopping 70 percent of people having such debt — finding a high-paying job will help take care of the bill much quicker. And, for those who are lucky enough to snag one, we’ve got the highest-paying jobs for entry-level candidates to help your job search.

Thanks to research from, who gathered entry-level info from, here’s a list of those highest-paying jobs for entry-level people — along with the lowest-paying entry-level gigs. Yep, we’re talking to you, recent college grads.

  1. Commercial Real Estate Loan Officer I — $76,589
  2. Data Architect — $75,745
  3. Aerospace Engineer — $71,674
  4. Cash Management Officer — $70,907
  5. Community Development Representative — $70,136
  6. Product Engineer — $69,470
  7. Trader (Corporate Bonds) I — $68,827
  8. Content Specialist — $66,230
  9. Graphical User Interface (GUI) Programmer — $65,983
  10. Implementation Specialist — $65,839

We’re going to be honest for a second; some of those job titles we’ve never even heard of. That said, kudos to those people who have a college degree that can satisfy one of the roles, because you made the right decision in choosing your college major way back when.

As for the rest of you college graduates who can’t get one of the highest-paying jobs at the entry-level, the lowest-paying jobs might be more realistic. Here are those jobs, per the information, via

  1. Stock Loan Clerk — $31,763
  2. Customer Success Representative — $34,036
  3. eCommerce Customer Service Representative — $34,268
  4. Technical Support Representative — $34,608
  5. Fraud Detection Associate — $34,792
  6. Community Organizer — $34,839
  7. Bankruptcy Specialist — $37,296
  8. Administrative Assistant — $40,004
  9. Sales Assistant — $40,594
  10. Mortgage Loan Officer — $40,992

It’s important to remember that, just because you might not be a realistic candidate from one of the highest-paying jobs at the entry level, doesn’t mean that you should get down on yourself. After all, there are a lot of factors that make someone qualified for a job, and, as the data above shows, many of the higher-paying jobs are in the engineering and technology fields, so, unless you have a degree focusing on one of the two, you’re probably going to be looking elsewhere.

The good news for all of your recent college graduates? Even though (some of you) will have to work a couple of part-time jobs and live on your parents’ couch this summer, you’re still young enough to try a few different jobs out before focusing on a career path. So stay hungry and embrace this time, because it’s exciting — no matter how much your paycheck gives you.

You can see the full data from the article by heading over to their site.

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