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The Best Podcasts For Entrepreneurship

If you’re thinking about, or have already started, a new business, tuning into the best entrepreneurship podcasts available would seem like a solid starting point, right? As more young people are listening to podcasts — with an estimated 26 percent of Americans listening to one each month, per Podcast Insights — many aspiring entrepreneurs gather information from industry experts and/or business authors.

While we recently gave you the best business podcasts for leadership advice, we’re focusing on the best entrepreneurship podcasts to help kickstart your new business idea, or give you the motivation to bet on yourself to go and make it happen.

For you Android users — you’re out there, right? — rejoice, because Google recently rolled out the new Google Podcasts app. As mentioned above, there are a ton of business podcasts out there that can improve the way you work, but how many would you actually listen to when you’re off the clock?

Whether it’s learning how to manage your team or how to keep your goals realistic, entrepreneurship podcasts are an excellent way to improve your mindset — especially on those chaotic days when you can use a dose of extra motivation. Here are four that we highly recommend.

TED Radio Hour

If you’re going to listen to just one podcast, make it TED Talks. In these talks, the world’s most remarkable minds take the stage to share a life lesson. Like how great leaders inspire action, the act of listening and the origin of the genius.

They also cover fascinating topics that make for better water cooler talk than the last episode of Westworld. Think medicine, science, anthropology and the arts. Robots, too — just to stay within your comfort zone.

NPR combines some of these bite-sized lessons into an hour-long radio show that focuses on a central idea. Like how to find your hidden potential, and the entrepreneurial potential that lives inside our prison system.

Unconventional Life

Jules Schroeder was ranked top dog by Inc. Magazine, heading the list of the “Top 27 Female Entrepreneurs Changing the World in 2017” and as one of the “Top 40 Millennials To Follow in 2018. ″ Unconventional Life ranks up there too — it was named “The No. 1 Podcast for Entrepreneurs in 2017” by CIO Magazine.

In her podcast, Unconventional Life, she chats with successful entrepreneurs, creatives, artists and thought leaders about how they make a living — but in a much more interesting way than that one aunt that can’t seem to understand what you do.

Topics include how to growth-hack Instagram, making the switch to working in your pajamas — spoiler alert: it’s great — and an astrologer’s take on soulful wisdom.

The Broad Experience

Hosted by New York-based writer Ashley Milne-Tyte, The Broad Experience is described as unsentimental, honest and enlightening. Milne-Tyte started the show as a way to discuss women’s issues in the workplace.

She speaks with fellow broads about women being tasked with office housework, the importance of transparency and fair pay, and the burnout of women in medicine. Her guests come from all different types of backgrounds and age groups, making each episode refreshing and insightful.

No Quit Living

Ever feel like just giving up? You’re in good company. Hosted by Christopher J. Wirth, No Quit Living invites industry leaders to share stories about times they almost threw in the towel, and instead experienced a tremendous moment of growth.

The host and guests discuss what motivates and drives them to follow their dreams and tough it out through the hard times — so, hopefully, you can too. Wirth also brings on entrepreneurs, authors, branding specialists and other professionals to talk about everything from building a business plan to finding press for a new company.

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