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Fast And Easy Tricks To Save Money On Utility Bills

If you’ve ever wondered how to save money on bills, you’re not alone. After all, utility bills can be the bane of your existence each month when it comes to a personal budget, since they’re not the same amount each time. For instance, just when you think your electric bill is low, you overuse it one month and, boom, it skyrockets by three times the price.

Utilities are a necessary evil and can be a huge budget buster — if you allow them to be. It seems like every aspect of your life depends on the use of water, gas and electricity, so how are you supposed to save money on them?  From clothes to food choices and ways of entertaining yourself, it seems easy to cut back on those areas of your life, but, when it comes to the things that literally make your world function, it can be a bit trickier. Fortunately, we’ve got a few tips on how to save money on bills — which, when followed, should knock some bucks off them each month.

“Switch Off” Everywhere You Go

If you’re like most millennials, you probably don’t live in a giant apartment with multiple rooms burning bulbs at all hours of the day. However, even if you live in a tiny space, being careless about electricity use can become the leading cause of unsightly, crying emoji-style electric bills. Turn it around by making a habit of turning off lights you don’t need in the room you’re in, limit your TV time and be mindful of making sure everything is shut off before you head out for the day.

Practice Climate Control

We all love to have our personal climate be just right, but it’s not OK to get an astronomical utility bill because of a few varying degrees. Resist the urge to micro-manage the temperature of your environment and compromise by setting your temps two degrees warmer in the summer and two degrees colder in the winter. Not only will this small adjustment cut costs, but you’ll still be cool in the summer and warm when winter hits. Of course, you don’t have to keep your home the same temperature all the time, just be mindful of where you’re at, and tone it down when you’re not home.

Unplug Appliances You’re Not Using

When an appliance is off, you might not think that it could be costing you money, but, guess what, it is. Leaving things like chargers, hair appliances and kitchen gadgets plugged in is a utility money suck. It might be a hard habit to remember at first, but integrating a few tricks like investing in a power strip for all your device chargers, and having a post-it by the door reminding you to unplug, will pay off when it’s time to tackle your utility bills.

Commit To One Way Of Washing Your Dishes

This sounds weird, but bear with me. If you live in a home where you have a dishwasher, congratulations, you’re one of the privileged. While that sounds like a dream, we all know that it uses a huge amount of electricity and water. Instead of using it all the time, commit to one month of dishwasher-free use and see your savings soar. If you can’t bear the thought of giving it up, stop doing the whole pre-rinse before putting dishes in the washer thing. It’s nothing but a huge waste — and adds expenses. Plus, most of the best dishwashers these days are built so you don’t ever have to pre-rinse.

Shorten Your Bathroom Beauty Routine

Obviously, it’s important to feel good about how you look before you step out of the house, but spending exaggerated amounts of time on your daily self-care can get expensive. Showers, appliance usage and having the bathroom lights burning so you can stare at your reflection is OK in moderation; we’re all guilty. But, when you can’t live a day without an extended time in the bathroom, don’t be shocked when your utility bill is through the roof Instead, cut costs by cutting back on showers every other day, and only spend an extended time in the bathroom when it’s for something really special.

Now that you know how to save money on bills each month, can you find the right balance and routine to actually do it? If so, you could be saving thousands each year when all is said and done.

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