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How To Switch Roles At Your Company (Regardless Of Your Experience Level)

When you’ve landed a position at a company that you really love, but find your role isn’t exactly what gets you out of bed in the morning, you may begin to wonder if you should start looking for a new job.

However, the idea of a brand new job hunt, meeting all new co-workers and getting used to a different commute is exhausting to think about. You might not be sure what your next step should be when, ta da! there’s an opening in another department you feel you’re perfect for, except you don’t have the traditional experience required for a job offer. Of course, it’s easy to feel defeated, but with some creativity and tenacity, you might just find yourself cleaning out your desk and moving a few doors down to get one of those new roles within your current company.

Show You’ve Got What It Takes For The Open Roles

Sure, you might not meet every qualification for the position you’re vying for, but you can look at your work experience and revamp your resume with focus on the experience you’ve had that relates to the job you’re looking to snag. Be proactive and ask for a coffee with someone you admire in the department you want to switch to. Use the opportunity to pick their brain on the greatest strengths someone needs to seamlessly fit into the role and challenges one might face. This will give you a slight edge on the outside competition, so when you approach your HR department, you’ll be ready to share your educated enthusiasm and help them picture you in a new position within the company.

Your Meeting With HR

Human Resources is a wonderful place to go when you need to discuss work sensitive topics, especially when moving on to one of the different roles in-house. Set up a meeting to chat about your current role. Be sure to let them know everything you’ve learned from your current position, what you love about it and why you enjoy working for the company. From there, you can transition to letting them know about the position you’re interested in, why you’d like to switch departments and reasons why you think it would be a great fit. Most companies love to hire from within, so there’s a good chance you’ll have the opportunity to sit down with the hiring manager to talk about it. Plus, HR will also assist in talking to your current boss should you land the job.

Make Sure You’re Educated On The Salary

Just because you switch roles within the company, doesn’t mean you’ll be compensated the same way as someone coming in off the job hunt express. Before you get too far down the rabbit hole, do a little research and avoid any (potential) salary surprises. Find out what the average pay is for the position you’re going after. If it’s a lot more than what you’re currently making, be ready to negotiate a number that is not only competitive, but speaks to your experience and dedication. Not being a traditional choice can work against you, but there’s also the possibility of switching to the new role at your same rate and in three months, go in for a salary review and get your pay bumped!

Know When To Talk To Your Boss

Great, so you’ve been chosen to interview for one of the new roles at your current company, that doesn’t mean it’s in the bag. Keep a zipped lip until an offer is extended, and be ready to approach your boss with a transition plan that won’t leave them wondering how your responsibilities will be covered while they find a replacement. This could mean doing double duty for a short time, but, in the long run, it will be worth it! In the case that you don’t get the job, still find time to talk to your boss and let them know your thoughts on your current position, what you’d like to be doing more of and see how you can shape your current job into one that will get you out of bed in the morning and have you excited to sit down at your desk!

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