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Why Identifying Your Personal Brand Is So Important

Branding isn’t just for companies, and, if you think it is, you’re already behind the 8-ball. As an individual, personal branding is crucial for setting yourself apart within your industry. Taking time to identify your core values and areas of expertise to advance your career, as well as create a cohesive look with all parts of your online presence, gives people a glimpse into what makes you tick as a professional.

Since personal branding is an important aspect of business and personal growth, we give some reasons why identifying your presence is necessary, and tell you how to do it effectively.

Personal Branding Gives You Credibility

When someone Googles your name, what pops up? If it’s nothing, then that’s exactly who they’ll think you are. Developing a personal brand gives others a sense of who you are, whether that’s potential employers or colleagues in your industry. If they see social media channels that are updated regularly and think pieces linked to your industry and/or an online portfolio, you’ll be taken more seriously as a professional.

It Leads To Easier Connections

Who says you need to do all of the work when it comes to networking? You might be surprised at how many opportunities come your way when you take the time to clean up your online presence and give everything a cohesive look. You never know who will be crawling LinkedIn looking for potential new partner for an exciting collaboration, or who will read your latest tweet about a trending news topic. You’ll be more enticing to reach out to with a cohesive personal brand that makes it easy to do research before reaching out.

Personal Branding Allows You To Understand And Express Yourself

When taking the first steps to build your personal brand, take some time to reflect on what drives and motivates you. What areas do you consider yourself an expert in? What are your passions and interests? While identifying the niches that draw you in, you’ll discover a lot about yourself in the process. This can help you make better career decisions down the road and find a clear focus for personal development. Not only that, but your personal brand is all about you! That’s a tremendous opportunity, guys, as it allows your true self to identify, express and represent your core values. That’s a cool responsibility that makes you unique from others.

Helps You Stand Out

Speaking of making better career decisions — developing a personal brand can help you tremendously during the job search as well. If you’re considering switching companies or going off on your own as a freelancer, personal branding will help you stand out from the pack. You’ll have demonstrated your expertise in your field, built meaningful relationships within your industry and shown that you take professionalism seriously.

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In anticipation of the impending robot takeover, Raven Brajdic covers tech and lifestyle for Knew Money. Before writing about our bionic despots, she represented them as a publicist for multiple national and local technology, consumer and lifestyle brands.

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